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Time for a “Clean House”

It’s been a year since I invited someone to my house.  “What’s the big deal?”  Well, I just happen to grew up in a house that’s considered to be “the best hangout” place ever.  Entertaining is always a big part of me.  Why my two girls (who’s now 6 and 4) still remember the excitement each time we expect company.
What’s keeping from entertaining then?  Clutter!  With my super O.C. personality, I can’t seem to make my house people-ready.  I guess my daughter got tired of my excuse of “cleaning up” first before we invite her friends over that she never bothered to ask me anymore.
For those with kids under 5 who are staying at home would probably agree with me that keeping a tidy house is next to impossible.  Take note… “Next to Impossible“.  This means that there’s still some hope of having a house that one can be proud of when there’s an unexpected knock at my door.
Since the “Clean House” team will not come to my rescue, today, I decided to tackle the problem.  With just an hour to spare each day,   I’m challenging myself to make my house visitor ready.  Something I  want to accomplish before I leave for vacation in 20 days.
Is that even possible? What do you think?
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  2. Four young kids and a clean house–I don't think so!!! My kids are grown and I can remember the clutter–let alone trying to run a jewelry business. Relax, your house doesn't have to be perfect and your friends won't care and if they do then it's time for new friends!!!

  3. Hi Rozelyn! Your blog's name caught my attention… being a Filipina myself, I can totally relate to your dilemma of having friends over when you didn't tidy up the house, I guess that's how we were raised. I have a 4 y/o daughter who's afraid of the vacuum cleaner and a 14 y/o son who's always using the computer, a clean house is really next to impossible!

  4. Don't feel bad, I don't have kids and my house always seems to be in a state of ciaos. I have projects going in my kitchen (jewelry making) and my living room (other crafts) and within minutes of cleaning it's a mess again. I think I have gremlins.

  5. Hi! Welcome to CASTteam. I'm part of it too I thought I'd say Hi this way. I'm filipina too! A mom of 3 boys, homeschooler.. Come visit my blog, I share how I manage to keep a clean house and use it as part of educating my kids the meaning of work and play. Their work at their age is to learn to take care of the home. And that means dusting, picking up clutter, etc. Anyway, I invite you to visit one of these days.

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