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Surprise Visit

Just started to do some “cleaning up” when I had a surprise visitor last Saturday.  My Entryway is already nice and presentable.  Remember the shoe boutique? Well, it’s gone. 
By getting my kids excited, they were able to clear up the Living Room in 30 mins. Guess where they dumped all their toys? 
As for the Bathroom  (yes, this is a visitors must see), I’m proud to say that I do my best to keep it tidy all the time. Everyday, I make it a point to keep the sink area clutter-free by just having the soap dish and hand lotion.  To make that area guest ready, I always have a decorative scented soap on the sink soap dish.  Call it an indulgence, but believe me a pretty soap can make a nice impression to any guest.  
What? Decorative soap for everyday use?   Why not!  Yes, I’m encouraging you to use those soap gifts you’ve receive 4 Christmases ago.  I know some are too pretty to use but you’ll create more impact when you literally “use” it.  To pricey? Not really!  You can get “samples” from local crafters at fairs and flea markets. I’ve found great shops in Etsy that make affordable, beautiful and guest size soaps.    One of my favorites is from . The rose soap is not only pretty and moisturizing, it also gives a fresh rose scent that doubles as an air freshener. 

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