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Hello 2012

Can’t believe it’s already the 5th day of year 2012. With so much going on a daily basis, I find it quite challenging to cope with our fast running friend Time. So, how’s your New Year’s Resolution coming along?  Me?  Well, this year, I decided NOT to have any.  Yes, I am like most who keeps on having the same resolutions each year and barely achieve any by the end of the year.  Anyway, this year instead of having my resolutions, I decided on setting some specific goals and have a plan of action. A personal business plan for me.

     To be able to come up with the best possible solutions, I have to look back on 2011.  I’ve noticed that the past year, I’ve been crazy about looking for the “Right” way to do things. I have read countless blogs, articles, magazines and even books only to realized that the year just passed by. Call it information overload which ended up in paralysis.  A big and costly experiment!


       Taking for instance, the concept of “chopping” tasks to fit specific amount of time each day. Some swear that it is the best way to do more in a day. Goodness I tried so hard to fit in my lifestyle.  Instead of accomplishing more, I ended up with tons of half done tasks that caused more commotion and stress.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not competing with these experts.  It’s just that it doesn’t work with my lifestyle.  With 3 kids in 2 different schools, a toddler staying home with me while I work as a licensed Real Estate Agent and running my eco bags and accessories business, each day is full of unexpected things and there’s not a single day wherein I have to edit and change my To Do list.
2012 - Wee Chunky Book - Black Leather - Unique Handmade Hand Stitched by Wee Bindery - OOAK
Photo courtesy of WeeBindery
      While it’s nice to learn from others’ processes on how they do things, one cannot completely rely on another person’s method.  Each of us has a unique situation.  What seems to be easy for some becomes a nightmare to others.  Deep inside, we already have an idea on what works for us.  It is only a matter of bringing those ideas into action plans.  That’s when a business plan becomes handy.
       As with any business plan, everything has to be in writing and there has to be a group of “mentors”, “cheerleaders” “companions” “travel buddies” and “critics” to guide you along the way.  Now that I am starting to write, would you be kind enough to be travel with me as we journey 2012?


  1. A wonderful post!
    I do have a plan for 2012 in writing. With each entry accomplished, I will place a check mark. My plan is set based on the understanding that changes will be made as a result of life's unexpected events. We need to be flexible with any devised plan.
    Family and friends can support us with our goals, but remember that we must be the one holding the reins.

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