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When Love Really Wins…

     A few days ago, the world was shook by the news about the US Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the legality of same sex marriage in the 50 states. It was no surprise when within a few seconds, the social media went on a frenzy. Everyone had their say whether they support or oppose the decision.

     Though until now, I haven’t voiced out my stand on the said issue, I decided to share with you an article that has touched my heart in a big way.  It was written by a Filipino and a proud gay.


Two days ago, I changed my profile pic to one with the rainbow to congratulate the American LGBT for their win.

Today, I’m taking it off. Not because I’m taking back my congratulations but because I feel that I have to take a stand.

Yes, I am a happy gay man living a happy and contented life with my partner. We are both happy that our LGBT brothers and sisters in the US can now have the legal rights that married couples enjoy. However, it wasn’t just a legal right that was passed, it was called marriage. Bhebhe and I do not want that for ourselves.

Why? While we are gay, we are also both devout Catholics. Our view on marriage (and you may call it clouded by our faith but it is what it is) is aligned with the teachings of the Church. We know we are never going to be married in the eyes of God and the Church and we are ok with it. We are happy that the people around us are accepting (not tolerant) and loving. For us, that’s enough.

Over the last 24 hours, I saw posts here in Facebook about some South American LGBT activists celebrating Pride by mocking Jesus and the crucifixion. I am not even going to repost that as it is disgusting! We ask for respect and equality, we should know how to give the same. To me, mocking someone’s faith and God is the most disrespectful act that any person can do.

So yes, congratulations for the win on legal rights (I won’t call it marriage). But please (and yes I am aware that it wasn’t the Americans who did it), don’t mock my faith and my beliefs.

Respect demands respect. That is equality.

‪#‎LoveWins‬  (Author chose to remain anonymous.)

With the hate and bitterness that continually brews between the opposing views, the above article is  a ray of hope.

         What do you think?

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